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PostSubject: SOME FEATURES THAT WOULD BE KEWL   SOME FEATURES THAT WOULD BE KEWL Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 1:04 am

When I first started this game; I thought it was a great concept and terrific game. However, after a while, the game starts to become tiresome because the game is out of balance; and the problem is compounded with the ongoing cheating problems.

Anyway, I'm not here to preach about the cheating issue of the game; it has been well documented and it is really up to the devs to solve this issue if they really want to elliminate this problem. The point of this post is to throw out some ideas that may revitalize this game a bit and make it more balanced. And if there are any devs out there reading this, maybe they should take some notes. Anyway, here are some suggestions:

- Offer a new type of attack and defense senerio. Instead of the traditional attack that targets the mob's hpts; have the attack target their assets (ie: their properties and investments). Mobs that had their assets attacked will not lose HPTs, but properties owned.

- Offer a new type of defensive item that defends against asset attacks in the weponary catagory. This concept ties into the first idea to incorporate a defense to an asset attack. Also, make this defensive item expendable so that a mob will continuiously need to invest in this item if he/she wishes to keep their financial empire intact.

- Revamp the current fighting system so that damages are reduced to a bare minimum when it was substained during a successful defense against an attacker.

- Limit the amount of money being generated. At the moment, money in IMob virtually has no value. Increasing the value of money in IMob would definately improve the game environment. Of course, you will also have to fix any money hacks and/or glitches to make this work.

Anyway, just a few ideas. Think about it.
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